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Swoop™ gives the clinical care team the capability to perform MR imaging at the patient’s bedside, whenever a scan is needed.

This eliminates the need to transport critically ill patients to Radiology and reduces the time needed to coordinate clinical schedules and the staff to support transport. In addition, Swoop™ can be used to serially monitor a patient’s condition on-demand at a moment’s notice, providing clinicians with real-time information to assist in care management decisions.

In the Neurointensive Care Unit, Swoop™ can be useful in diagnosing conditions related to:

  • Acute Mental Status Change
  • Ataxia
  • Cerebral Edema
  • Cerebrovascular Disease
  • Cranial Neuropathy
  • Ventriculostomy Assessment
  • Follow-up Intracranial Hemorrhage
  • Follow-up Ischemic Stroke
  • Follow-up Hematoma
  • Tumor Pre- and Post-Op
  • Wake-up Stroke


Ready to see the device in action?

clinical sub alt

NOTE: Deployed Gauss guard (not shown) delineates the 5 Gauss boundary and must be extended during transport and use.