Latest Past Events

7/20: [Webinar] Improving Outcomes by Decreasing Critical Care Transport

The trend of bringing technology to patients is making its mark with bedside MR in neuro ICUs and EDs. Bedside brain scans are helping to guide care team decision-making and significantly reduce risks for patients and staff—especially considering that one in four intrahospital critical patient transports results in an adverse event. Join our panel of […]

5/20: [Webinar] When Every Second Counts: Hyperacute MR Imaging

When every second — and every image — is vital for accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions, Swoop™ Portable MR Imaging System is nearby and ready to scan in less than 2 minutes. Wheel it to the patient’s bedside and plug it into a standard wall outlet. MRI — the most powerful modality for diagnosing ischemic […]

5/6: [Webinar] Modern Healthcare – Hospital of the Future Virtual Briefing

The hospital of the future is more than just a building with beds, offices and labs. Instead, hospitals will become technology-driven hubs for comprehensive care. Modern Healthcare’s Hospital of the Future Virtual Briefing convenes leading healthcare executives to discuss how providers are advancing their workforces, processes and technologies for the next generation of care. We’ll […]