MRI Inside the COVID-19 ICU

Watch as Dr. Michael Schulder (North Shore University Hospital) shares his experience and answers many attendee questions related to North Shore’s use of portable MRI to meet the neuro imaging needs of COVID-19 patients.

Portable MRI Live Demo

MRI is now portable. Watch as we share an overview of the Hyperfine Portable MRI system, perform a live scan and answer lots of excellent attendee questions!

Assessing Brain Injuries with Swoop® Portable MRI

Assessing brain injuries in critically ill patients is notoriously difficult. MR imaging is crucial, but moving these patients carries risk while delays in receiving imaging results can have serious effects on outcomes. How can you get the necessary imaging as quickly as possible without endangering the patient? A new study recently published in JAMA Neurology gave us some answers (hint: it involves the use of Hyperfine Swoop Portable MRI!). Watch as we discuss the findings and review clinical images with the principal investigator of this study, Dr. Kevin Sheth (Critical Care Neurologist, Yale New Haven Hospital).

Frictionless Imaging: Unimpeded Access to MR Imaging and Its Transformation of Patient Care

Hear how physicians at UCI Medical Center have adopted bedside MR technology to overcome challenges with access, transport, and immediacy of diagnostic imaging for patient care. Register Now By bringing the MRI to the point of care, patients benefit from faster diagnoses and improved outcomes, including reduced risk for patients too ill for transport or requiring isolation such as with COVID-19.
Learn how radiology and emergency medicine collaborated for the good of the hospital — and the patient.

During this webinar you will:
• Learn challenges with access to MRI in terms of transport, delays, patient factors
• Discover the trend in point-of-care diagnostic imaging
• Hear how UCI Medical Center is paving the way for bedside MRI

Modern Healthcare – Hospital of the Future Virtual Briefing

The hospital of the future is more than just a building with beds, offices and labs. Instead, hospitals will become technology-driven hubs for comprehensive care. Modern Healthcare’s Hospital of the Future Virtual Briefing convenes leading healthcare executives to discuss how providers are advancing their workforces, processes and technologies for the next generation of care. We’ll explore major changes that are taking place as patient conditions become more complex and care increasingly shifts to home and community settings.

When Every Second Counts: Hyperacute MR Imaging

When every second — and every image — is vital for accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions, Swoop® Portable MR Imaging SystemTM is nearby and ready to scan in less than 2 minutes. Wheel it to the patient’s bedside and plug it into a standard wall outlet. MRI — the most powerful modality for diagnosing ischemic stroke — is immediately accessible without patient transport and is ideally suited in a hyperacute setting such as the Emergency Department for stroke mimics and wake-up stroke patients. Following diagnosis, Swoop’s serial imaging capabilities provide ongoing insight for evaluating treatment efficacy over time. Without moving the patient.

Improving Outcomes by Decreasing Critical Care Transport

The trend of bringing technology to patients is making its mark with bedside MR in neuro ICUs and EDs. Bedside brain scans are helping to guide care team decision-making and significantly reduce risks for patients and staff—especially considering that one in four intrahospital critical patient transports results in an adverse event. Join our panel of clinical and financial experts as they review ongoing problems with critical care neuroimaging. They will offer solutions that can reduce ICU and ED length of stay and explore the impact of bedside MR imaging on avoiding adverse events and improving patient outcomes and health system revenue and operations. As the experts tell us, the benefits are clinical, operational, and financial.

Bedside MR in less than 2 minutes. Online demo of Swoop® Portable MR Imaging SystemTM

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll see how Swoop can be wheeled to the patient bedside and ready to scan in less than 2 minutes, using only a standard wall outlet. See how this first-of-its-kind technology can be game-changing in ICUs and Emergency Departments, where every second and every image is vital for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Point-of-Care MRI in Your Hospital-Based Neuroradiology Practice

When every second and every image is vital for accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions, Swoop® is nearby and ready to scan in less than two minutes—just wheel it to the patient’s bedside and plug it into a standard wall outlet. We invite you to join Hyperfine on Thursday, November 3 at 3:00 PM (CT) for a one-hour webinar discussing point-of-care MRI in hospital-based neuroradiology practices. Join Hyperfine Senior Medical Director Edmond Knopp, MD, a neuroradiologist and Swoop product expert, as he discusses the clinical and business value of the game-changing Swoop® Portable MR Imaging SystemTM. Following the webinar, we invite attendees to participate in a live Q&A.