Swoop™ Portable MRI system creates new product category for accessible, cost-effective MR imaging


Contact: Chris Ward, cward@hyperfine.io, (203) 905-0412

[October 14, 2020: Guilford, CT] Hyperfine has received a Best Practices Product Innovation award from Frost & Sullivan for the company’s category-defining portable MR imaging technology.  Analysts from Frost & Sullivan, a leading growth strategy and research firm, describe the disruptive innovation as a “massive leap forward to democratizing MRI.” Hyperfine’s Swoop™ Portable MRI System is a point-of-care MR imaging device that wheels directly to the patient’s bedside, plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet, and is controlled through a wireless tablet, making MR imaging accessible and immediate.

Awards Image For Hyperfine from Frost and SullivanMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer to produce detailed pictures of the body’s internal structures . However, fixed MRI systems can be inconvenient and inaccessible for providers and patients, particularly when time is critical such as with stroke.  Transport to the MR suite demands complicated scheduling coordination, moving patients, and, often, 4- to 6-hour patient backlogs – all which compromise the utility of MRI as a diagnostic tool in time-sensitive settings such as intensive care units and emergency rooms. Furthermore, high capital investments, electrical power needs, and significant maintenance requirements present barriers to adoption across all populations, acutely so for developing countries and rural geographies.

Hyperfine designed the Swoop™ system to address the limitations of current imaging technologies and make MRI accessible anytime, anywhere, to any patient. Swoop™ wheels directly to the patient’s bedside, plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet, and is controlled by an Apple iPad®. Images that display the internal structure of the head are captured at the patient’s bedside, with results in minutes, enabling critical decision-making capabilities across a variety of clinical settings, such as neurointensive care units, emergency departments, pediatrics, and ambulatory outpatient surgery centers and more. Designed as a complementary system to traditional MRIs, new users can be trained on system operation, device navigation and device safety in about 30 minutes, helping clinicians streamline workflow. The complete Hyperfine system costs less than the annual service contract alone for most current MRI systems.

“The global MRI market is on the brink of a new era as word of the once ‘mythical’ affordable and portable MRI spreads,” commented Poornima Srinivasan, Consultant at Frost & Sullivan. “With its groundbreaking design, Hyperfine’s portable MRI can extend access to cost-effective imaging and, subsequently, its clinical utility and healthcare value and settings, and geographical regions worldwide.”

“Nearly six years ago, we had a crazy vision to create a new product category for imaging: an affordable point-of-care MRI system. With our Swoop™ now readily available in the US, we are disrupting current practices by enabling bedside diagnostic neuroimages, proving particularly effective in time-critical indications like stroke and COVID,” said Jonathan Rothberg, PhD, founder and chairman of Hyperfine.

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