Guilford, CT, March 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hyperfine Research, the company redefining MR imaging with its Swoop™ Portable MR Imaging System, is pioneering a wholesale simplification of the capital equipment purchasing experience with the launch of its Total Rethink Buying Process™. This radical new model simplifies the process for healthcare providers with a start-to-finish flattened, direct approach to the evaluation, purchase and adoption of the category-defining Swoop™ system.

The Total Rethink Buying Process™ incorporates:

Demo At Your Door™ – a traveling road tour offering live on-site Swoop™ demos for healthcare providers at their hospitals or clinics. Demo At Your Door™ trucks are spacious new vehicles permitting either on-board, hands-on Swoop™ demonstrations via a full complement of viewing monitors and other conveniences, or Swoop™ may be driven from the truck to the inside of a hospital for a complete clinical setting experience.

The Swoop™ Store – an online purchasing portal for choosing a payment model, making a small down-payment and scheduling delivery in as a little as seven days. Questions are addressed via LiveChat, and once the order is placed, a product expert will then contact the buyer to coordinate final details.

Simplified, transparent pricing – Swoop™ is offered on a monthly or annual subscription basis which includes all service requirements, all software, software upgrades, Hyperfine Cloud, PACS integration and even device delivery in one, clear, published fee. Swoop™’s entire yearly cost is typically lower than the service contract alone for conventional advanced imaging systems.

Full customer satisfaction – when purchased online, Swoop™ includes a complimentary 90-day No Questions Asked return policy.

“Simplification yields democratization,” commented Hyperfine’s head of marketing, Chris Ward. “Somehow, buying essential medical equipment has grown into its own industry. We need to model it much closer to that of a consumer purchase, and the Total Rethink Buying Process™ does that. For as many ‘oh wow’s’ we have received about our invention of portable MR imaging, we think we’re going to hear as many ‘it’s about time’s’ for the way Hyperfine is simplifying the buying process for healthcare providers.”

“The Swoop™ buying process is unlike anything we’ve seen before when acquiring medical capital equipment,” commented Mark Shaker, former hospital CEO and customer advisor to Hyperfine. “It starts with the Swoop™ system itself – probably the last thing we’d expect to sprout wheels and come to the patient’s bedside. Combine point-of-care MR imaging with a very Amazon-like buying process, and you’ve totally challenged the status quo in purchasing medical equipment.”

About Hyperfine Research and the Swoop™ Portable MR Imaging System

Hyperfine lives to make MR imaging available to everyone. The Swoop™ Portable MR Imaging System is the result of a total rethink of MR’s potential in the healthcare landscape. What if MR imaging didn’t require a dedicated suite, extensive training or expensive upkeep? Let’s use the wonders of high-field MRI for the appropriate patients, and deploy Swoop™ at the point-of-care for everyone else. Designed as a complementary system to traditional MRIs at a fraction of the cost, images that display the internal structure of the head are captured by Swoop™ at the patient’s bedside, with results in minutes, enabling critical decision-making capabilities across a variety of clinical settings.

Hyperfine received market-ready FDA clearance for its portable MR imaging for the brain and head of patients of all ages in August 2020, and received an additional clearance for its deep-learning image analysis software in January 2021. Since its launch, Swoop™ has been honored repeatedly, as one of two finalists for the Best New Radiology Vendor of 2020 by Aunt Minnie, the winner of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) 2020 incubatED Medical Device Innovation Challenge, with a Best Practices Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan, and most recently as a 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree from CES.

Fierce Medtech recently recognized Hyperfine as a 2020 Fierce 15 company for its innovative and creative approach to developing solutions for healthcare providers and patients. Hyperfine is part of 4Catalyzer, a health technology incubator with facilities in CT, NY, CA and Taiwan.