The Swoop® System at Cure Hospital in Mbale, Uganda

The Hyperfine Swoop Portable MR Imaging System is making a difference for children with hydrocephalus at the Cure Hospital in Mbale, Uganda. The Cure Hospital is well known for its innovative approach to hydrocephalus care. It was here that Dr. Benjamin Warf of Boston Children’s Hospital developed endoscopic third ventriculostomy with the added use of choroid plexus cauterization. Last year alone, doctors at Cure Hospital treated over 1500 children with hydrocephalus.

A Swoop system has been on site since August of 2021, allowing doctors to image children with hydrocephalus without exposing them to ionizing radiation and allowing parents to remain with their children during the scans.

In these videos, Cure CEO Tim Erickson outlines his vision of where the Swoop system can be most impactful and radiologist Dr. Ronnie Mulondo speaks to the benefits the Swoop system affords his patients.

Tim Erickson Interview

Dr. Ronnie Mulondo Interview

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