Ultra-Low-Field MR Imaging in the ICU: Case Reviews and Patient Impact Stories

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  • This blog summarizes the Ultra-Low-Field MR Imaging in the ICU: Case Reviews and Patient Impact Stories webinar with Dr. Dan Miulli, a neurosurgeon at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, discussing the case of a 26-year-old with a traumatic head injury and illustrates the Swoop system's role in monitoring progress and guiding treatment in unstable conditions.
  • The second case in the webinar involved a 22-year-old with a crush injury where the Swoop system's imaging capabilities helped assess diffuse cortical anoxia (severe brain oxygen deprivation), aiding in prognosis communication.
  • A third case involving a 20-year-old with post-injury neurological symptoms showcases the system's imaging utility in significant head injury assessment​​.

In a webinar on ultra-low-field MR imaging in the ICU, experts Dr. Chip Truwit, Senior Medical Director at Hyperfine, Inc., and Dr. Dan Miulli, a neurosurgeon at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, discuss the advantages and applications of portable MR brain imaging technology for critically ill ICU patients.

The first case presented during the webinar involves a 26-year-old male who sustained a traumatic head injury. Dr. Miulli describes the patient's condition upon arrival and the challenges they faced in obtaining imaging due to his unstable condition. The team used the Swoop® system images to monitor the patient's progress and assess the extent of the patient’s injuries, providing crucial information for the medical team's decision-making.

In the second case, Dr. Miulli describes a 22-year-old patient who experienced a crush injury. Despite resuscitation efforts, the patient's condition deteriorated rapidly, and physicians were able to use the Swoop system to assess the extent of the brain injury. The Swoop system images revealed diffuse cortical anoxia, indicating a severe lack of oxygen to the brain. The medical team determined the prognosis was extremely poor and informed the patient's family of the unfortunate outcome.

The webinar concludes with a brief overview of a third case, wherein a 20-year-old patient presented with neurological symptoms after a head injury. Physicians used Swoop system images to evaluate the patient's condition and determined that he had suffered a significant head injury.

We invite you to follow the link below to watch the complete webinar to hear how clinicians use ultra-low-field portable MRI to image the brains of patients who are too unstable or resource-intensive to transport to a conventional MRI system. By providing brain images that potentially enable timely assessments, portable MR brain imaging technology can contribute to the management and treatment decisions for critically ill patients.

We also invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Swoop® Portable MR Imaging® system.

Rapid Rounds: Ultra-Low-Field MRI™ in the ICU

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