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“Our mission is to democratize healthcare by making medical imaging accessible to everyone around the world.” – Jonathan Rothberg, Founder

Hyperfine is a mission in the form of a company. Our singular aim is to maximize access to MRI.

We believe that more patients and more providers are served when MR imaging is accessible, at the ready, and free from the walls (literal and figurative) that have surrounded MRI since its introduction over 40 years ago.

Hyperfine’s Founding Goals

1. We will make MR imaging portable

2. We will make MR imaging affordable

Hyperfine Research, Inc. is based in the United States and is part of the 4Catalyzer family of companies founded by Jonathan M. Rothberg, PhD. 4Catalyzer is a portfolio of health technology companies with facilities in Connecticut, New York City, Palo Alto, CA and Taiwan. Dr. Rothberg is the founder of Butterfly Network, Inc, the fastest selling ultrasound system in history, and is the inventor of high-speed DNA sequencing for which he received the US National Medal of Technology & Innovation from President Barack Obama in 2015.

Product Roadmap

Today Hyperfine Swoop™ is US FDA-cleared for brain imaging of patients across all ages. But our vision of MR imaging accessibility extends beyond neuroimaging. While still in the works, our product development roadmap includes imaging of the







Cervical Spine

We also see a clear pathway to neonatal and pediatric spine imaging. Further down the road, vehicle-mounted designs will enable the system to be used aboard ambulances and vessels at sea.

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Note: the above is not a statement of availability; these are works in progress.