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Meet Swoop

Portable MRI.
Here. Now.


At the ready.

There in a flash.

Floating on motorized wheels, and a fraction of the size of traditional MRI, Swoop is easy to maneuver wherever you need it—down hallways, through doorways, straight to your patient’s bedside. Store it when you’re done.

Easy to learn, easier to use.

In 30 minutes, your staff can be trained to scan and upload images. Swoop is controlled via supplied iPad and images are uploaded to the cloud. Data can easily be integrated to your PACS (or you can use our included cloud PACS).

Patient-centered care.

Hearing the term ”MRI” no longer needs to create anxiety for your patient. Swoop has an open layout, which makes for a less stressful experience. Even better, clinical staff—and loved ones—can safely remain at bedside, right with the patient.

Set up in seconds.

Plug it in to a standard 110 Volt wall outlet: Swoop is ready to scan in less than two minutes.

Big tech in a small shell.

  • Mobility

    Designed to be moved and positioned within even the most crowded healthcare environments, Swoop can be delivered to the point of care in a snap.

  • Safety

    Swoop’s magnet design and field strength were designed for mobility and use within high-metal content environments like ICUs, without the projectile risk. As a result, loved ones and caregivers alike can remain beside the patient during imaging. Swoop also spares the patients from ionizing radiation—a concern with X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) imaging.

  • Speed

    Traditional MRI can have long wait-times—with Swoop, patients can be imaged at the point of care, with initial scan results viewable in as little as 30 seconds.

  • Smarts

    Swoop’s onboard ‘noise cancellation’ technology maps and corrects for high electromagnetic interference in the environment. The result is crisp, clear T1, T2, DWI, and FLAIR sequences.

ICU Settings

Swoop™ is able to perform serial imaging, which allows a patient’s condition to be monitored over time.

Emergency Care

With Swoop™ in the emergency room, healthcare providers have an immediate and low-cost imaging option right where they need it, to make informed and timely decisions.


Swoop™ enables immediate scanning right at a child’s bedside. And because family members can stay with their child during the scan, there’s less stress for everyone.

This is the next step in medical imaging.

  • The invention of MRI transformed medicine – for some people. Entire regions of our world today do not yet have access to MRI. Elsewhere, MRI exists in select hospitals, hemmed in by cement, steep learning curves, anxiety and towering expense.

  • Even in the locations that do offer it, MRI can be a lengthy and stressful procedure for the patient.

  • Our point-of-care MRI, Swoop, can go anywhere. Small and highly portable, Swoop can be used in the ER, ICU, or anywhere else you can imagine—hospitals and health systems, pediatric hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, and physician offices.

  • Swoop is ideal for evolving conditions like stroke and head trauma. A portable MRI system allows providers to take “snapshots” of patient situations in real time and then tailor treatment accordingly.

  • Swoop is FDA-cleared for brain imaging, and can be used for general brain imaging, headaches, stroke, non-specific muscle weakness, and encephalopathy. It’s even able to monitor COVID-19 patients, known to be at risk of neurological illness.