The patient is at the center of everything we do.

Our Guiding Principle

Patients First. When we improve the lives of patients, everyone benefits.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize patient care globally through transformational, accessible, clinically relevant diagnostic imaging and data solutions.

Our Values

Passion: We are excited to solve problems with enthusiasm that energizes those around us to do the same.

Agility: We embrace change and continuous improvement as we grow and evolve.

Results: We are purposeful in our approach and accountable to our commitment to produce safe, effective, and quality products.

Community: We foster a positive and collaborative environment through our interactions with others.

Authenticity When we are our authentic selves, others can relate to us, feel safe, and thrive.

Hyperfine Swoop COB

The Swoop® system brings MR brain imaging within reach.

The Swoop system brings brain imaging within reach for clinicians to help them make clinical decisions in a variety of healthcare settings across a range of conditions. The first FDA-cleared portable MR brain imaging system that combines safe, ultra-low-field magnetic resonance with proprietary artificial intelligence, the Swoop system potentially enables timelier treatment decisions, quicker discharges, and more efficient use of staff and hospital resources.

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