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Learn more about Hyperfine, Inc. and the Swoop® Portable MR Imaging® system with an in-depth product literature review.

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Clinical Images

Learn more about the Swoop® Portable MR Imaging® system with an in-depth clinical image review.

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Past Webinars and Clinical Updates

Watch webinar and clinical update videos about Hyperfine, Inc. and the Swoop® Portable MR Imaging® system.

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Learn more about portable MR imaging with a review of peer-reviewed publications.

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Upcoming Events and Webinars

Sign up for Hyperfine, Inc. webinars, learn when the Swoop® system will be in your neck of the woods, and watch for trade show announcements.

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Point-of-Care MRI Blog

Learn about the exciting work being done to advance the science of ultra-low-field MRI.

Hyperfine Swoop COB

The Swoop® system brings MR brain imaging within reach.

The Swoop system brings brain imaging within reach for clinicians to help them make clinical decisions in a variety of healthcare settings across a range of conditions. The first FDA-cleared portable MR brain imaging system that combines safe, ultra-low-field magnetic resonance with proprietary artificial intelligence, the Swoop system potentially enables timelier treatment decisions, quicker discharges, and more efficient use of staff and hospital resources.

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