News | August 12, 2021

Fast Company Recognizes Jonathan M. Rothberg in its “Most Creative People in Business” List

Hyperfine, Inc., creator of the world’s first portable magnetic resonance imaging device, is proud to announce that company founder, Dr. Jonathan M. Rothberg, has been selected by Fast Company for their Most Creative People in Business 2021 list.

This prestigious list honors individuals “who’ve accomplished something brand new and meaningful within their industries over the past year, something that’s already having a measurable impact.” Innovators on this list are selected by the Fast Company staff, who “spend a full year identifying, vetting, and reporting on the thinkers, shapers, and doers who’ve led their sectors forward in new, important ways.”

Since founding 4Catalyzer, a HealthTech Incubator dedicated to maximizing societal impact, Dr. Rothberg has founded eight companies striving to transform 21st-century medicine by solving today’s most challenging problems—across life science research tools, medical devices, and therapeutics. These companies include AI Therapeutics, Butterfly Network, Inc., Detect, Hyperfine, Inc., Liminal Sciences, Protein Evolution, Inc., Quantum-Si. Inc., and Tesseract Health.

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About Hyperfine
Hyperfine’s mission is to make MRI accessible to every patient, regardless of income or resources. Anytime. Anywhere. Hyperfine designed the Swoop™ Portable MR Imaging System to overcome patient transport and dedicated room requirements associated with fixed conventional MRI systems. The Swoop™ system plugs into a standard electrical outlet, uses an Apple iPad® for control, and produces images at a patient’s bedside within minutes, allowing care teams to gain clinical information quickly. Fierce Medtech recently recognized Hyperfine as a 2020 Fierce 15 company for its innovative and creative approach to developing solutions for healthcare providers and patients. Hyperfine is part of 4Catalyzer, a portfolio of health technology companies with facilities in Connecticut, New York City, Palo Alto, California, and Taiwan.

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