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Introducing more immediate, simplified, and affordable MR imaging for your patients. Get Swoop® in as little as 7 days.

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Hyperfine’s Swoop is the only portable MRI you drive to the patient’s bedside, plug into a standard wall
outlet, and acquire critical images – all within minutes. No waiting. No transporting the patient.

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Swoop bedside
assessment is:

  • FDA-cleared for MR imaging of the brain and head in patients of all ages
  • At the ready to deliver T1, T2, FLAIR, and DWI (with ADC map) tissue contrasts
  • Controlled by an easy-to-use wireless tablet
  • A breakthrough in accessibility for MR imaging
Image of Hyperfine in Stroke Unit Center
Image of Nurse Bedside During MR Imaging

Swoop design enables:

  • Patient monitoring over time with its serial imaging capabilities
  • An accelerated learning curve – user training generally requires just 30 minutes
  • Location flexibility – powered by a standard wall outlet and uses less than 900W
  • Affordable ownership – the system costs less than the annual service contract alone for conventional imaging systems
  • Secure image upload to the Cloud or facility PACS

Best of all, the Swoop portable MRI’s open layout means reduced patient anxiety, while the innovative magnet configuration enables loved ones to stay safely at the patient’s bedside.

Curious about delivery of an MR imaging system like none other?

Ready to order Swoop? Before the system arrives, be sure to download the easy prep checklist below. Don’t worry, our team will work with you at every step to ensure a smooth set-up.

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Designate a location where the Scanner is to enter the building.

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Designate drivers and operators

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Complete safety training

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Decide on connectivity options with your site’s IT and network security teams

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Identify an appropriate storage location with controlled access

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Learn more about Swoop.

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* Swoop is US FDA 510(k)-cleared for neuroimaging of patients of all ages.

Learn more about Swoop

Download PDF

* Swoop is US FDA 510(k)-cleared for neuroimaging of patients of all ages.

Awards & Recognition

Awards Image For Hyperfine from Frost and Sullivan

Best Practices Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan

Fast Company Award for Hyperfine

Fast Company Magazine World Changing Ideas honorable mention in two categories: North America and Health

Award from Aunt Minnie - Image

Best New Radiology Vendor of 2020 from Aunt Minnie

incubat ED Awards Image for Hyperfine

MD+DI Gold Medical Design Excellence Award in the Radiology, Imaging, and Electromechanical Devices category

Image of award from CES for Hyperfine

2021 Innovation Awards Honoree from CES

Image of Fierce 15 Award for Hyperfine

Named by Fierce Medtech as one of 2020’s Fierce 15