Swoop® Portable MR Imaging® System

FDA-cleared, AI-powered, portable MR brain imaging for efficient clinical decisions.


  • The Swoop system overcomes conventional MRI accessibility issues, bringing brain imaging within reach for clinicians to help them make clinical decisions in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • The Swoop system is the only FDA-cleared portable MR brain imaging system that combines safe, ultra-low-field magnetic resonance with proprietary artificial intelligence.
  • The Swoop system potentially enables timelier treatment decisions, quicker discharges, and more efficient use of staff and hospital resources while minimizing intrahospital transport-related adverse events.

Why portable MR imaging?

In 1977, the invention of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) transformed medical diagnostics, yet its benefits have not been universally realized. Today, across the United States and globally, entire communities remain without ready access to MRI, leaving significant gaps in access to the benefits of advanced imaging. Typically confined to select hospitals or only available for limited parts of the day, MRI systems are hemmed in by cement walls, specialized personnel, and substantial costs. Where available, the technology frequently demands considerable resources and often requires a prolonged wait for patients and their clinicians.

The Swoop system brings MR imaging within reach.

The Swoop system, the world’s only FDA-cleared portable MR brain imaging system capable of providing imaging at multiple points of care in a variety of professional healthcare settings, brings brain imaging within reach for clinicians. By combining safe, ultra-low-field magnetic resonance, which does not have the siting and shielding requirements of conventional MRI systems, with artificial intelligence, the Swoop system potentially enables timelier treatment decisions, quicker discharges, and more efficient use of hospital staff and resources.

With the Swoop system, patients can remain in a safe and comfortable setting, with family and caregivers by their side, which reduces the risk of adverse events due to transport. Designed to fit inside elevators and through doorways, the Swoop system can maneuver through crowded healthcare environments to a patient’s bedside at multiple points of care. The system plugs into a standard electrical outlet, can be controlled by an Apple® iPad Pro® mobile digital device and is ready to scan in minutes.

The system is ideal for brain imaging in intensive care units, pediatric facilities, and other healthcare settings. The system’s AI-powered imaging sequences include T1, T2, FLAIR, and DWI (and accompanying ADC map).

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The Swoop System at the Point of Care


Easy to use, the Swoop system enables:

  • Serial imaging: Monitor patients over time
  • An accelerated learning curve: System operation, navigation, and safety training are simple, which allows for expanded user access
  • Portability: With powered drive wheels, the Swoop system fits through a standard door and easily moves between patients
  • Location flexibility: The system does not require a shielded room and is powered using a standard electrical outlet—a Swoop system uses less than 900W during operation
  • Cost-effective ownership: The Swoop system costs significantly less to acquire and maintain than a fixed conventional MRI system
  • Secure image upload: To facility PACS or the HIPAA-compliant Hyperfine, Inc. Image Viewer

Point-of-care MRI Applications

click to open link Portable MR Brain Imaging in ICUs

Portable MR Brain Imaging in ICUs

A Swoop system in an intensive care unit enables timely brain imaging at the point of care, eliminates the need to transport critically ill patients to radiology, and reduces the time required to coordinate clinical schedules and support staff.

click to open link Portable MR Brain Imaging in Pediatric Facilities

Portable MR Brain Imaging in Pediatric Facilities

An open and safe design allows family members to stay close, provide comfort during brain imaging, and even hold their loved one’s hand. The Swoop system also eliminates the risk of ionizing radiation for pediatric patients—which is a concern with CT imaging.

click to open link Portable MR Brain Imaging and Radiology

Portable MR Brain Imaging and Radiology

The Swoop system is a valuable clinical tool with the potential to improve neurocritical care workflows and patient outcomes by increasing access to brain imaging and avoiding cumbersome patient transport to conventional MRI systems.

Swoop System Artificial Intelligence (AI)

click to open link Advanced Image Reconstruction—deep learning technology.

Advanced Image Reconstruction—deep learning technology.

The Swoop system’s innovative approach to image reconstruction uses deep learning on T1, T2, and FLAIR sequences to elevate the diagnostic value of portable MRI.

Awards and Recognition

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Details and Specs

Review Swoop® system details and specifications.

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Learn about the Swoop® system’s T1, T2, FLAIR, and DWI sequences.

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Read the most frequently asked questions about the Swoop® system.

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